Articles and Reviews

Articles and Book Chapters

“Early Insecticide Controversies and Beekeeper Advocacy in the Great Lakes Region,” Environmental History 26, no. 1 (January 2021): 79-101. (LINK) Please contact me if you are unable to access this article.

“Insecticides, Honey Bee Losses, and Beekeeper Advocacy in Nineteenth-Century Ontario,” Ontario History 112, no.2 (Fall 2020): 139-156. Special Issue: Ontario’s Environmental History. (LINK) Please contact me if you are unable to access this article.

“Advocates and Activists.” Graeme Wynn with Jennifer Bonnell. In Colin M. Coates and Graeme Wynn, eds. The Nature of Canada, (Vancouver: OnPoint Imprint of UBC Press, 2019). (LINK)

“Reinventing the Map Library: The Don Valley Historical Mapping Project,” with Marcel Fortin, inn Jennifer Bonnell and Marcel Fortin, eds., Historical GIS Research in Canada (University of Calgary Press, 2014). (PDF)

“Introduction.” With Marcel Fortin. In Jennifer Bonnell and Marcel Fortin, eds., Historical GIS Research in Canada, (Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 2014): ix-xix.

“Planning Nature and the City: Toronto’s Lower Don River and Port Lands,” with Gene Desfor. in L. Anders Sandberg, Stephen Bocking, Colin Coates and Ken Cruikshank, eds., Urban Explorations: Environmental Histories of the Toronto Region (Hamilton ON: Wilson Institute for Canadian History, McMaster University, 2013). (PDF)

“An Intimate Understanding of Place: Charles Sauriol and Toronto’s Don River Valley, 1927-1989,” Canadian Historical Review 92, no. 4 (December 2011): 607-636. (PDF)

“A Social History of a Changing Environment: The Don River Valley, 1910-1931,” in Gene Desfor and Jennefer Laidley, eds., Reshaping Toronto’s Waterfront (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2011): 123-150. (PDF)

“Socio-ecological Change in the Nineteenth and Twenty-first Centuries: The Lower Don River,” with Gene Desfor, in Gene Desfor and Jennefer Laidley, eds., Reshaping Toronto’s Waterfront (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2011): 305-325. (PDF)

“A Comforting Past: Skirting Conflict and Complexity at Montgomery’s Inn,” Journal  of Canadian Studies 42, no.1 (Winter 2008): 127-153. (PDF)

“Bringing Back the Don River: Sixty Years of Community Action,” in Wayne Reeves and Christina Palassio, eds., HtO: Toronto’s Water from Lake Iroquois to Lost Rivers to Low-Flow Toilets (Toronto: Coach House Press, 2008). (PDF)

“Difficult Exhibitions and Intimate Encounters,” with Roger I. Simon, Museum and Society 5, no.2 (July 2007): 65-85. (PDF)


“Montreal, City of Water: An Environmental History, by Michèle Dagenais.” Canadian Historical Review 100, no.3 (September 2019): 467-69. (PDF)

“Kensington Market: Collective Memory, Public History, and Toronto’s Urban Landscape, by Na Li.” Ontario History 108, No.2 (Autumn 2016): 270-72. (PDF)

“The Real Thing: The Natural History of Ian McTaggart Cowan, by Briony Penn; and Ian McTaggart-Cowan: The Legacy of a Pioneering Biologist, Educator and Conservationist, by Ronald D. Jakimchuk, R. Wayne Campbell, and Dennis A. Demarchi.” BC Studies 191 (Autumn 2016) (PDF)

“The First Green Wave: Pollution Probe and the Origins of Environmental Activism in Ontario, by Ryan O’Connor.” Canadian Historical Review 96, no.4 (December 2015): 629-32. (PDF)

Review of Wet Prairie: People, Land, and Water in Agricultural Manitoba, by Shannon Stunden Bower. Histoire Sociale/Social History 46, no.91 (May 2013): 223-225.

Review of City Critters:Wildlife in the Urban Jungle, by Nicholas Read.” BC Studies 177 (Spring 2013): 198-199. (LINK)

Review of Metropolitan Natures: Environmental Histories of Montreal, edited by Stéphane Castonguay and Michèle Dagenais. Canadian Historical Review 93, no.1 (March 2012): 138-140.

Review of Waterlife, directed by Kevin McMahon. H-Environment April 2011.

Review of The River Returns: An Environmental History of the Bow, by Christopher Armstrong, Matthew Evenden and H.V. Nelles. Left History 14, no.2 (Summer 2010): 98-100. (PDF)

Review of The Future City on the Inland Sea: A History of Imaginative Geographies of Lake Superior, by Eric D. Olmanson. Environmental History 15, no.3 (July 2010): 560-562, doi: 10.1093/envhis/emq078.

Review of Method and Meaning in Canadian Environmental History, edited by Alan MacEachern and William J. Turkel; and The Archive of Place: Environment and the Contested Past of the Chilcotin Plateau, by William J. Turkel. Canadian Historical Review  90, no.4 (December 2009): 766-770.

Review of Megaprojects” (LINK), by Joy Parr and Jon van de Veen. Left History 13, no.1 (Fall 2008): 191-93. (PDF)